A game of JEOPARDY!

The following all have something in common.  Answer each in the form of a question and the final jeopardy question will be a cinch!

Please note:  This is not a form that can be filled out.  Answers may be submitted via email – you’ll find the addresses at the end of the game.

Also:  It is impossible to cheat in this game.  You may use any source you’d like to help you find the answers. 😉

1. The contestant with the least amount of money at the end of the Jeopardy! round makes the first selection in this Jeopardy! round.

ANSWER:  What is _________?


2. “10” or “one, zero” in BINARY is equal to this number in base ten.

ANSWER:  What is _________?


3. Three of a kind with one of these beats a flush but not a hand with four of a kind.

ANSWER:  What is _________?


4. This close-fitting padded jacket was commonly worn from the 14th to the 17th century.

ANSWER:  What is _________?


5. This baseball team won the World Series in 1987.

ANSWER:  Who are _________?








These will be joining our family in May or June!

ANSWER:  What are _________?

To claim your prize, send your FINAL JEOPARDY answer (in the form of a question) as the subject line to one or all of the following email addresses:




Include your questions to the first 5 answers for a bonus prize!